Saint Fleur-De-Lis Trio

Saint Fleur-De-Lis Trio


Oh! Trendy Fleur De Lis Roman Style Statues | Fleur-de-Lis Modern Home Decor Accents (Set of 3)

This trio of Oh! Trendy Fleur-de-Lis home décor statues, in solid-textured black, recall royalty and French culture combined with Roman-style pillars for an altogether regal accent to any home or office décor. Equally imposing and subtle, their design attracts the eye and the mind in all the right ways.

This exclusive, classic 3 piece Fleur de Lis modern décor accent can be beautifully displayed outdoors on a porch or patio and looks especially great as the perfect outdoor décor accent in that special spot in your garden. It is versatile indoors as well on a table, mantel or even in a collectors cabinet as a work of art. Made of a solid polyresin, this set is sure to be durable enough to move around your home as you see fit.

*Caution: Paint may fade outdoors.*

  • HOME/GARDEN DÉCOR: Use the statues on a spot in your garden or in your home as a modern décor piece. Unique enough to catch your eye, yet subtle enough to be the perfect décor accent.
  • BEAUTY: The beautiful, clean lines of the statues show the detail and attention to craftmanship that goes into each and every sculpture or statue.
  • CLASSIC: The fleur-de-Lis home décor statues add a natural and rustic, yet aged touch to any modern home décor.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Our heavy duty sculptures are constructed from high quality solid polyresin materials. This material ensures the trio of Fleur-de-Lis home décor sculptures – at 7.6lbs – can stand firm wherever you place them.
  • SIZE: (Tall) 4L x 5.15W x 18.9H (Med) 4L x 5.15W x 16.7H (Sm) 4L x 5.15W x 14.5H Set of 3 – 7.6lbs total