Oh! Trendy Classic Disc, Cassette and Record Wall Hangers

Oh! Trendy Classic Disc, Cassette and Record Wall Hangers


Oh! Trendy™ Retro Music Wall Hangs | Decorative Necklace Jewelry Wall Hanger Home Decor – 3 Piece Set

From Oh! Trendy™ This trio of wall hooks is perfect for the old-school techie in your life: replicas of a 3.5” diskette, a cassette tape, and a vinyl record call to mind the tech gone by. Great for music lovers too (although a song wouldn’t fit on a vintage disk).

These beautiful, retro music wall hangs are the perfect modern home décor necklace wall hanger to add a modern, yet chic style to any room. The retro music wall hangs are made of a polyresin material that helps to prevent scratching and breakage. This along with the modern, vintage style ensures that your retro music wall hangs will be enjoyed by you and your guests alike, for many years to come! Don’t wait, buy your decorative retro music wall hangs home décor now!

  • Solid polyresin – tough to break and will not bend
  • A trio of wall hooks in 3 different vintage tech styles
  • Imitation-iron hooks fit perfectly with the tech of yesterday
  • Great for standalone wall décor or as a utility hook for keys/jackets/etc.
  • Ideal gift for computer, music, or technology fans (who have been around the block)